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We are passionate about manufacturing high quality fireplaces. We receive a lot of letters from our customers with pictures and their fireplace stories. The majority of our new business originates from existing Acucraft owners referring us to their family and friends. Many of the pictures on our website were sent to us by Acucraft Owners!


"We have enjoyed our Z-Max fireplace since 2008. We often have power outages, sometimes days at a time, here in the rural West Virginia Appalachian Mountains. Our Z-Max heats our 1,700 square foot ranch home in very cold conditions. We are grateful for a reliable source of heat!"

Thank you for an excellent product!

Doug & Mary G
Strange Creek, WV
Acucraft Owner since 2008
"My wife and I just love our Acucraft 20 Series fireplace. We use the fireplace as a supplemental heat source. The best part is not losing any heat up the chimney, by using outside air with the Acucraft airtight doors."

Roger H.
Elk River, MN
Acucraft Owner Since 1983
"I just love my Z-MAX fireplace. I am in an area where my power goes off during the winter and having the Z-MAX to heat my entire house is very reassuring for me to have as a single mother. Working with Acucraft Fireplaces was great; they answered all my questions and made many great recommendations. I use my fireplace almost everyday. I purchased my Acucraft Z-MAX fireplace, gas fireplace and stone all through Acucraft Fireplaces."

Bernadette L.
Dryden, MI
Acucraft Owner Since 2005
"I purchased my 20 Series Fireplace from Acucraft Fireplaces in 2001. I use the fireplace to heat my entire home. I installed an additional ceiling fan in my great room and I have an extra large air return in my great room. These two components aid in the whole house heating, all our bedrooms I am able to keep at a perfect 72 degrees. My fireplace is the best product I purchased for my new home. e use the fireplace as a supplemental heat source. The best part is not losing any heat up the chimney, by using outside air with the Acucraft airtight doors."

Michael B.
North Ridgeville, OH
Acucraft Owner Since 2001
"had another efficient fireplace in my old cabin and one of my favorite differences between the two homes is my Acucraft. I love it and we use the fire screen every morning when we are having coffee and I never could have done that with my other fireplace insert."

Peter N.
Park Rapids, MN
Acucraft Owner Since 2003
" have been burning my Acucraft fireplace for over 17 years. It is by far the best product I have ever purchased."

Dale P.
Maple Grove, MN
Acucraft Owner Since 1989
"We have really been enjoying our fireplace, it is an excellent product. ."

Jack N.
Blue Mounds, WI
Acucraft Owner Since 2004
" love my z-max, we use it almost everyday in the winter - on the colder days my geo-thermal will not heat my 2,800 sq ft home. Our first Christmas in our home, we had a big 13' tree all decorated, my entire family was at our house - then the power went out for 5 days due to an ice storm. Our home with the Z-MAX was at 72 degrees and they we slept in the loft. We are so thankful we bought from Acucraft Fireplaces."

Pete P.
Grove City, OH
Acucraft Owner Since 2002
"Chris, the fireplace is looking great. I took a couple of snap shots for you to see. Thanks for all your hard work on this one. Came out just as we envisioned."

Andrew H.
Rochester NY
Acucraft Owner Since 2013
"Awesome! Just Awesome!! What a beautiful fireplace and with the Acucraft combustion air process the flames are just beautiful.Our home is 24' high and over 50' long and the see through fireplace heats our entire home. Heating with wood creates such a cozy environment. I can use 16" or up to 40" logs. My friends cannot believe the size of the fireplace and how great it looks. Please send me brochures, everybody wants information.  "

Rob B.
Kenora, Canada
Acucraft Owner Since 2006
"We really like the heat we get from our 50 series see through fireplace. We are up in Northern MN, Ely, and we need the heat in the winter."

David & Carolynn O
Ely, MN
Acucraft Owner Since 1995
"My wife and I have been burning our 50 Series see through fireplace since 1998 and we really enjoy it. I have owned and researched many fireplaces and the Acucraft is the best built I have ever seen. My wife really likes how the fireplace looks and how easy it is to control the heat. Today my children have Acucraft Fireplaces in their homes and really enjoy them as well."

Ralph W.
Somers, CT
Acucraft Owner Since 1998
"We really like our Acucraft Fireplaces. We use the fireplace and the BBQ Grill all winter long. Acucraft thank you for making such a great fireplace."

Sumi H.
Hokkaido, Japan
Acucraft Owner Since 1993
"I researched my home and options for over two years. I checked every reference and changed my fireplace design 3 times. The employees at Acucraft were very helpful and extremely nice. The fireplace unit (50 Series see-through) is beautiful. Please list me as a reference. "

Jerry C

Atlanta, GA
Acucraft Owner Since 1995
"My log home company recommended Acucraft Fireplaces and I am so thankful they did. I purchased their see through and a single sided fireplace. Building my home took a lot of planning and Acucraft employees were so great to work with. They work with the drafting department to get the fireplace dimensions spec’ed into my plans, the local builder inspector, my builder and my mason. They even coordinated the delivery of my fireplaces to arrive the same day as my logs. Thank you Acucraft for all your assistance, my wife and I really enjoy our fireplaces. The fireplaces are the focal point of our home; keep your eyes open our home is being featured by a log home magazine."

Gary K.
Big Bear Lake, CA
Acucraft Owner Since 2002
"My cousin in the states has purchased 3 Acucraft Fireplaces and when I was building my home over the pond in Ireland, he told me I had to have an Acucraft. I selected the 20 Series because I was looking for heat, the winters here are cold and wet. Everyone at Acucraft was so great to work with, when I called they knew who I was and answered all my questions. They threw the fireplace onto a boat and had it arrive at my job site. I was very impressed right away at how good the fireplace looked and how well the doors are built. We use it all winter long and I am never cold. Cheers."

Jerry M.
Acucraft Owner Since 2003
"During Christmas in 2004 we lost power due to an ice storm. The power was out for 7 and a half days.  We hosted our family- cousin's, widowed mother and nephew.  Our  Acucraft Z-Max kept us all warm through the holidays!  It heated our entire 3,100 square foot home!  I have used my fireplace for heat for the last 9 years using only 4 1/2 cords of wood per year.  I call the owner of Acucraft Fireplaces every year to tell him how much I love his fireplace and what a quality product it is."

Rick W.
Hillsbororo, OH
Acucraft Owner Since 2005
" Doors ended up perfect. Acucraft did great work, really."

David D.
Minneapolis, MN
Acucraft Owner Since 2013
"I am absolutely thrilled with my Acucraft fireplace insert. The fireplace insert looks beautiful, and it burns perfectly. I'm amazed that the Acucraft team was able to design the fireplace to the exact specifications needed. I couldn't be more pleased with every aspect of it. "

Ned P.
Milford, NE
Acucraft Owner Since 2013
" Our fireplace is working wonderful and thanks for all your help in making this a reality for Jill and myself. This will be a focal point in our cabin in Northern Wisconsin for generations to come! "

Ralph P.
Northern WI
Acucraft Owner Since 2013
" My wife and I purchased our Acucraft Z-Max 5 years ago. We built our 3500 sq.ft. House ourselves. We installed R-33 in the roof system and R-19 in the walls with 1/2 log siding. We intended for the fireplace to be a supplemental heat source. After our first few fires using the blowers the Max heated our entire house, even with the 26' ceilings! Not only is the fireplace a great heat source,it's also very efficient. We usually have 20 to 30 fires a month with good seasoned hardwood that burn all night. I clean the interior after each burn. There is less than a 2 gal. Bucket full of ashes! Great engineering! "

Mike and Robin B.
West Milford, WV
Acucraft Owner Since 2008
" We are very pleased with our fireplace! Thank you for standing behind your product. "

Karen S.
Limington, ME
Acucraft Owner Since 2013
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From Our Customers

"We have really been enjoying our fireplace, it is an excellent product."

Jack N.
Blue Mounds, WI
Acucraft Owner Since 2004
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